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Mac Play/Enjoy Blu-ray Disc or ISO Files on the New iPad 3/iPad Mini without Conversion

The iPad mini is a thinner, lighter, cheaper variant of the iPad as we know it, with a smaller screen and form factor that makes it even more portable than its larger sibling. Thanks to its 4:3 aspect ratio, 1080p resoltion, the iPad mini is actually superior to 7-inch tablets with 1024 x 768 pixels resolusion. And you will have interest to enjoy Blu-ray movies with this portable iPad Mini.

The New iPad 3 features a 2048*1536 full HD screen display, the iPad 3(HD) screen resolution has surpassed the standard of Blu-ray HD movies far away. Undoubtedly, it has become a hot option for you to watch Blu-ray movies on iPad 3 with super full HD movie playback. The 9.7 inch large screen, plus the fast processor, delivers excellent full HD Blu-ray movie enjoyment on your iPad 3.

But it is a pity that you can’t enjoy your Blu-ray movies on the new iPad 3/iPad Mini because of no BD drive with your device. With the release of Mac Blu-ray player, this problem be solved. Without conversion and transcoding, without losing any quality, its built-in “AirX” makes it possible to enjoy Blu-ray Disc or ISO on an iPad 3/iPad Mini with orignal Blu-ray quality conveniently.

UFUSoft BD Software Toolkit for Mac


1. Mac
2. The new iPad 3/iPad Mini (ISO should be above 3.0)
3. Mac Blu-ray Player
4. Optical drive (internal/external with USB above 2.0)
5. Network connection: make sure that the Mac/PC and the new iPad 3/iPad Mini are connected to the same home Wi-Fi.

Step One: Download the Mac Blu-ray/BD ISO to the new iPad 3/iPad Mini Player and install it.

Free Download Mac Blu-ray Player

Step Two: Play Blu-ray or Blu-ray ISO movies

1) Open Mac Blu-ray Player and enable the AirX option under the “Tools” menu before inserting Blu-ray disc or playing Blu-ray ISO or local movies.

Mac Blu-ray/BD ISO to new iPad 3/iPad Mini Player

2) Click on “Open File” or “Open Disc” button to launch the Blu-ray movie. It will take a couple seconds to load the movie. When the loading is finished the screen will go black and then you can get the website URL “ “.

play Blu-ray on new iPad 3/iPad Mini easily

3) Open “Safari” in your new iPad 3/iPad Mini and input the website URL above into it. Then the loaded Blu-ray source will be listed, you can enjoy Blu-ray movies on your new iPad 3/iPad Mini then.

Step Three: Save as shortcut

After watching the movie, you can save the URL as a shortcut on the home screen of the new iPad 3/iPad Mini, so that you can open the URL directly next time. In details, you can press the save button on your new iPad 3/iPad Mini and select the “Add to Home Screen” option, and then it will be saved as a shortcut on the home screen of your new iPad 3/iPad Mini.

Mac Blu-ray/BD ISO Player

Note: Mac Blu-ray Player can play all Blu-ray sources, no matter encrypted or decrypted, like Blu-ray disc, Disc BD-R and BD-RE, Blu-ray ISO, and it can also decrypt any Blu-ray encryptions, such as AACS, BD-Live, and BD+ (for legal use only).

By Mac Blu-ray Player and AirX, you can play BD disc or Blu-ray ISO on the new iPad 3/iPad Mini easily.