How to Play a Powerpoint Presentation on Sony Bravia TV?

Sony is the 5th largest media conglomerate in the world and one of the leading manufacturers of electronics, product for the consumer and professional markets. Many of its products are very famous like Sony digital camera, Sony Vaio computer, Sony Ericsson phone, Sony PlayStation, PSP and the former popular Walkman music player, etc. Besides, Sony manufactures great LCD TVs under the Bravia name. Basically the Sony TVs are among mid-to-high levels, the new 3D integrated sets lie at the high end of its line. Its flagship XBR-series models are generally among the most expensive of the LCD TVs.

Nowadays the Microsoft PowerPoint has dominated the presentation software market. Though PowerPoint has many great advantages which make it so successful, it has at least one major shortage – compatibility. If you want to view a PowerPoint document, you need to have a computer with Microsoft PowerPoint installed. Here comes the question, how to play PowerPoint on Sony TV without computer?

How to Play PowerPoint on Sony TV with transitions, animations, music & video clips?

You can view PowerPoint on Sony TV with DVD player! Burn your PowerPoint to DVD and then you can watch PowerPoint on Sony TV with a DVD remote control. By burning PowerPoint to Sony TV DVD, you can send it to your friends without worrying about if they have the right operating system or PowerPoint versions, even whether they have a computer or not. Another good benefit is that you can protect your PowerPoint content from being edited.

Now, let’s use UFUSoft PPT to DVD Burner to see how to burn PowerPoint to DVD.

Free Download PowerPoint to DVD Pro

Start the program and import PowerPoint files. This PPT to Sony TV burner support batch conversion of up to 12 files at one time.

Then choose “Create Standard DVD”.

Next, click on “Menu”, “Music” and “Logo” to further customize the output DVD for Sony TV. Choose a preset menu theme or create your own so that you could control the DVD playing with a remote control.

Make sure all the settings are ready, and then click the “Start” button so that PPT to DVD Burner could finish the rest job.

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