XAVC S Import to Photos – How to Import XAVC S to Photos?

No XAVC S support in Photos?

“I recently purchased a Sony RX10 camera with the version 2.0 firmware update. My Photos app will recognize, load and play MP4 or MOV files from my SD XC card, but not XAVC S. I went to Sony’s site to download their free software, but it’s on a cloud based Internet site. I’m not too excited about getting into that. Any other things I might try?”

Photos is a photo management and editing application developed by Apple. Photos is intended to be less complex than its predecessor. Photos are organized by “moment”, a combination of time and location metadata attached to the photo. Photos tucks complex editing tools into several simple controls by default.  And these Powerful and intuitive editing tools help you perfect your images and also videos. But you may get into problem when import videos content like XAVC S format to Photos library,  so if you want to import XAVC S videos to Apple Photos for editing, please keep reading and first let us know what is XAVC S format.

XAVC S is a recording format that was introduced by Sony, XAVC S supports resolutions up to 3840 × 2160, uses MP4 as the container format, and uses either AAC or LPCM for the audio. As example used in the Sony FDR-AX100 4K Ultra HD consumer camcorder and Sony HDR-AS100V action camera. The Sony α7S as well as some consumer stills cameras with movie support (e.g. the Sony RX10) also offer XAVC-S.

Photos still unable import XAVC S directly from Sony A7R II, Sony a7s ii, etc. You’ll get error warnings when you drag-and-drop the XAVC S into Photos, or using the Import to Library dialog, So, how should Apple Photos imports XAVC S video files?

XAVC S to Photos Converter helps you Import XAVC S to Photos on Mac OS X

UFUSoft Video Converter for Mac is also a great XAVC S Converter for Mac, which provides the easiest solution to import XAVC S to Photos and iMovie. It can swiftly convert XAVC S to Photos MOV, MPEG-4, H.264, MPG, M4V,etc. There will be zero quality loss-less and rich avchd editing effects. You can cut, mix, split, crop XAVC S video file, share video to Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.

Make Preparation: Free download Mac XAVC S to Photos Converter.

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How to Convert and Import XAVC S to Apple Photos?

Step 1. Upload XAVC S videos

After connecting Sony XAVC S Camera to Mac, run the UFUSoft Video Converter for Mac as the best XAVC S to Photos Converter for Mac. Click the “Add” button to load the XAVC S video files.

Step 2. Choose MP4 or MOV format for Apple Photos

Click the “Profile” option, and choose HD Video > HD MP4 or HD MOV-QuickTime (*.mov) as output format.

Step 3. Convert XAVC S to MP4 or MOV for Photos.

Click the convert button under the preview window, and the Mac XAVC S to Photos converter will start converting XAVC S to Photos compatible MP4 or MOV videos.

After the conversion is finished, you can use Apple Photos to catologue the output videos, if you like, you can also edit the output videos via Final Cut Pro X/7/6, Final Cut Express, or iMovie 11/09/08 on Mac.


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