Download DVD IFO to Google Nexus 10 Converter-Convert/Rip/Play DVD IFO to Nexus 10

What is DVD IFO?

You will find VIDEO_TS folder and AUDIO_TS on a DVD-Video disc. The VIDEO_TS folder includes the files and data for the DVD movie. You will find three kinds of files: BUP, VOB and IFO. The VOB file contains video and audio data. The IFO file contains video navigation information like chapters, while the BUP file is the backup file of IFO.

To load a DVD IFO file, it indicates that we can load part of the DVD disc for conversion. You will find VIDEO_TS.IFO, which generally includes all the information of the disc. The VTS_01_0.IFO usually is the main movie and other IFO files as copyright notice, extras and so on.

How to convert DVD IFO to Google Nexus 10?

A good DVD IFO to Google Nexus 10 converter shall not only work on Window 7, but also be able to convert DVD movies from DVD disc and DVD IFO from DVD-Video file structure folder on hard drive. UFUSoft DVD Ripper is the recommended DVD IFO to Google Nexus 10 converter for you to convert the videos as you like.

Step 1. Load DVD IFO to the DVD Ripper.

Free Download DVD iFO to Google Nexus 10 converter, insert DVD disc to DVD-Rom and click the Load IFO button. Choose the DVD from DEVICE, and open the VIDEO_TS folder to find IFO files. Here I choose VIDEO_TS.IFO for conversion.

Step 2. Choose audio and subtitle for Google Nexus 10 video. (optional)

Click the Subtitle option and choose the preferred subtitle language for display on Google Nexus 10 video.

Click the Audio option and choose the audio language for Google Nexus 10 video.

Step 3. Choose Google Nexus 10 MP4 format.

Click the “Format” option, and navigate the mouse cursor to HD Video > HD H.264 Video(*.mp4) as the output format.

dvd ifo Google Nexus 10 mp4

Step 4. Convert DVD IFO to Google Nexus 10.

Click the convert button to start converting DVD IFO to Google Nexus 10 .mp4 videos.


1. You can load the entire DVD disc from DVD Rom directly by clicking the DVD Rom button.

2. If you are using the Mac computer, you can try the Mac version of DVD IFO to Google Nexus 10 converter.

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