Decode/Encode/Convert Canon EOS T2i/Canon 7D MOV for Avid Media Composer on Mac

Canon EOS Rebel T2i boosts the feature set of the T1i with a sensor nearly identical to the almost-pro Canon EOS 7D. What’s at the heart of the Rebel T2i is an 18 megapixel CMOS sensor that’s almost identical the one Canon built for the EOS 7D. Same resolution, same APS-C size. The difference is in the channel readout – the 7D features 8 channels, the Rebel T2i will have 4. That adds up to a reduced framerate in burst shooting. The Rebel T2i will deliver 34 full-size fine JPEGs at a rate of 3.7 fps (or 6 RAW). The speedy 7D outpaces that with burst shooting up to 8 fps. Canon T2i and Canon 7D both records FULL HD video in a highly compressed video format MOV, and this MOV format is very difficult for using.

After shooting some HD Video footages on the Canon EOS T2i/7D, you may want to edit them in Avid Media Composer on Mac. Some users have reported abut the choppy output video from Avid Media Composer, and there are lags or skipped frames even when exported to 1080p. The recommended UFUSoft Video Converter for Mac is the first choice for you to make smooth videos for editing in Avid Media Composer. It makes it easy to convert Canon DSLR T2i/7D MOV footage to suitable H.264 MOV for Avid Media Composer on Mac.

Below is the quick guide for those who have a hard time editing Canon T2i/Canon 7D HD MOV files in Avid Media Composer. Here I take the .mov files from Canon EOS T2i/7D as an example, and convert to MOV/MPG.

Step 1. Download Canon EOS T2i/Canon 7D HD MOV files to UFUSoft Video Converter for Mac.

Run the UFUSoft Video Converter for Mac as the best Canon EOS T2i/7D H.264 MOV to Compatible MOV/MPG converter on Mac OS X. Click the “Add” button to import H.264 .mov files from the camera.

Step 2. Choose MOV/MPG format.
Click on Profile, and navigate to HD Video > HD MOV Video (*.mov) or HD MPEG-2 Movie (*.mpg) as output format. The Mac Digital SLR camera video converter will convert Canon H.264 mov to Avid Media Composer editable mov/mpg.

Canon EOS T2i/Canon 7D H.264 MOV to Compatible MOV/MPG

Step 4. Convert DSLR video to Editable MOV/MPG for Avid Media Composer.

Click the convert button under the preview window, the Mac Canon EOS T2i/7D DSLR video converter will start converting DSLR Canon T2i/Canon 7D video to MOV/MPG in full HD for Avid Media Composer editing.

Hope you enjoy the optimal way to convert Canon HD H.264 mov to editable MOV/MPG for Avid Media Composer, so that you can edit the Canon EOS T2i/7D H.264 files easily.

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